Introducing Silicon South. An international digital and creative hub

Introducing Silicon South

Silicon South is the best place to do digital business in the UK. A synthesis of exceptional individuals and organisations, together building a world class destination for digital entrepreneurs, organisations and anyone involved in the digital industry. A place of outstanding beauty, and the ultimate lifestyle, transformed into a thriving digital hub.


The creation of Silicon South is the culmination of two years of work by local businessmen, MPs, councils, universities and colleges who shared a single vision -  to develop the region into a home of exceptional digital talent.  The launch of the Silicon South brand has been a catalyst on this unique journey; unifying stakeholders under a single movement and establishing a public-facing platform.   

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance Dorset’s creative and digital economy, building on existing successes and strength to create a thriving international hub, driving economic growth.

In doing so, the aim is to create 3,500 highly skilled jobs in the creative and digital sector by 2020.


To bring a coordinated approach, Silicon South Limited acts as the delivery authority for the initiatives and programmes established to drive the creation of 3,500 jobs in the sector by 2020. As a not-for-profit organisation, all work is supported and funded by Dorset LEP, Bournemouth University, Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth Borough Council, Poole Borough Council, Dorset County Council, East Dorset & Christchurch Council and the private sector. It is a governance-led, limited-by-guarantee company with an experienced board of professional directors, augmented by a talented steering group representing the region’s creative and digital sector. 

Board of Directors


David Ford

Board Director

Nuno Almeida

Board Director

John Dale

Board Director

Steven Neal