Tender Brief – Business Engagement and Investment

Tender Brief – Business Engagement and Investment

Closing date: 11th December 2017

Background and aims:
Silicon South is a not-for-profit based in Bournemouth, Dorset. Silicon South’s aim is to accelerate the digital economy in Dorset. In February 2017, Silicon South, as part of a consortium in Dorset, received European Regional Development Funding to provide support to SMEs in the region to grow.

We are looking for a partner to design, deliver and co-fund a programme of business engagement that provides high-growth creative and digital businesses with exposure to investment, business advice guidance and mentoring that will help businesses deliver on their plans as well build and bring to market new products, services and content.

Core Outputs:
We are looking to create 4 new products, and 25 new jobs through this programme of activity.

Investment/Match РWe are looking for a partner who is able to provide a minimum of 100% match for ERDF growth grants. It is a minimum project requirement that the partner is able to contribute and evidence a minimum of £100,000 of match funded investment to the project.

Business Support – Investment will need to be accompanied by a suite of business support to aid the company in executing their business plans. Prior experience in delivering business support programmes particularly in relation to product development, business and financial planning, road mapping, IP exploitation and development is essential.

Knowledge Exchange – Networking, access to peer and professional groups and mentors is important to the sustainability of early businesses. Proposals that offer access to these resources will be assessed favourably.

Application, Payment and Contract Management – It is essential that the partner company has the infrastructure and systems in place to manage, process and assess project participation and investment applications. It’s essential that the partner is also able to manage any contracting requirements relating to the partnership and beneficiary investment.

Project Manage/Monitoring – It is essential that the partner organisation is able to monitor the project and project beneficiary participation and defrayal throughout and beyond the lifetime of the project. Experience of working with European projects will be useful and will be assed favourably.

Duration – December 2017 December 2018

Fee: Value for money is a strong factor in choosing a partner. You will need to provide a budget that outlines the breakdown of expenses associated with project delivery. We are not looking for tenders to exceed the total grant value contributed.

Marketing/Promotion: The companies that you will be supporting are likely to be operating in competitive markets or launching new products and services. As such the profiling and promoting of the beneficiary company’s activities will undoubtedly contribute to their chances of success. Any application that supports this end will be looked upon favourably.

To apply for this piece of work, please get in touch with Megan Bagnall by the 11th December 2017. Tenders will be reviewed and a supplier chosen by the 17th December 2017.
Contact name Megan Bagnall
Address35 Holdenhurst Road


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