The 10th Degree

Ask the big business questions

– How do I scale my business?

– How do I get investment?

– Should I hire a new team member?


Business owners have to answer big questions on a daily basis, but how do you make the right decisions, and what advice is good advice?

For one day only, fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund, we’re bringing together 10 of the wisest heads in the creative and digital industries so you can pick their brains and take the juiciest bits home. These men and women have years of experience making exactly these decisions, so what are you waiting for? Don’t ask, don’t get!

Prior to the event we’ll match you up with five of them for 30 minute one-to-one slots based on your specific business needs. We can even help you to decipher the right questions to ask! On the day itself, you will have the chance to meet with the experts and get right to the heart of your biggest business challenges. We will also host a follow up event where we will support you to put all of this newly gathered information into a plan that takes your business to the next level.

Who is it for?

This one-day event is aimed at MDs, CEOs and Founders who are running companies from across the creative sector: Digital, Games, MedTech, EdTech, TV, Film, Design, Marketing etc.

The day is focused on supporting innovation. We want to invite people running companies that are keen to grow, especially through the creation of new products and services, but are facing difficulties in making it happen. You should have a good idea of what’s hindering your progress and have a strong desire to speak to experts who can help you gain the clarity needed to drive your business to the next stage.

We have spaces for 20 companies to participate (two people per company may attend)

Who will be there?


Annie Talboys – Managing Director, Greenwood Campbell – experts in digital strategy, user experience, digital marketing and the design and build of digital solutions such as websites, chatbots and augmented reality

Neethu Stephen – Founder, Evalua8 Corp Limited – providing reliable management accounting and advisory services for fast-scaling start-ups focusing on finance strategy, trend analysis and ‘super forecasting’

Luke English – Laceys Solicitors – focuses on intellectual property, blockchain, media law and business terms and conditions

Andrew Walker – Ikooloo – founder of multiple SaaS companies, mentor for software start-ups and all-round entrepreneur adviser

Olly Whittle – SWARM – having launched 35 apps with over 1 million app downloads he’s now managing Facebook ad campaigns for companies which have seen sales increase by up to 2500% in 3 months

Nikki Forster – Senior Manager, Saffrey Champness – advising directors, management and those tasked with financial responsibility on audit and accounting matters including compliance with accounting standards

Katherine Baldwin – journalist, storyteller and PR coach, helping businesses identify the most newsworthy aspect of their brand and write compelling copy so that they get noticed by the media and the market

Benjamin Dennehy – ‘brutally uncomfortable & challenging sales speaker’, working with successful and ambitious companies

Chris De Abreu – Is Creative Consultant who has worked with some of the most prominent creative agencies and companies like Razorfish, Engine Group, Google, Facebook and AKQA.

How does it work?

  • Companies wishing to attend are requested to submit a short overview of their aims and objectives through Eventbrite
  • There is space for 20 companies and we will match your aims against the range of expertise we have available
  • We will allocate your one-to-one sessions, with the five business experts most appropriate to respond to your particular needs
  • There will be a maximum of five one-to-one sessions per company, however a maximum of two people per company are permitted to attend
  • Slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis

Alongside the one-to-one sessions, there will also be

  • Lunch
  • An opportunity to interact with other participants and discuss the advice and knowledge gained throughout the day
  • A business consultant on hand, to expand on or clarify points raised during one-to-one sessions
  • A provocative masterclass on ‘how to sell’ from Benjamin Dennehy
  • Post-event food and drinks

The event is fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and would usually cost £250 per company. We therefore ask that you bear this in mind and make sure you commit to the date fully. Please sign up using eventbrite.


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