3 SIDED CUBE need your support with their #IgniteForChange campaign

Tired of watching the plastic crisis evolve before their eyes, 3 SIDED CUBE have decided to take action and use their own experience and knowledge to help combat the crisis.

They’re developing the technology that could turn the recycling process on its head and allow consumers to effectively recycle.

But for retailers and manufacturers to take notice, they need your support, they plan to use our collective voice to open a conversation and advocate the solution.

Within 30 years it’s predicted there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Eight million tonnes are dumped in the sea every year.

We can’t leave this to our children to clean up. We may be the last generation who could have made a difference.

Only 14% of plastics ever actually get reused.

As a society that’s dedicated to recycling, it’s hard to imagine why so much of the plastic we use ends up being buried in landfills or worse, dumped into our oceans. In reality, mix waste recycling centres can’t effectively recycle the contents we return. This is partly due to contamination, but largely it’s because the centres can’t accurately detect and extract the recyclable elements of each item.

Only the manufacturers themselves understand the component breakdown of their own packaging and can effectively recycle each item.

Consumers have been in the spotlight during recent years to change our buying behaviours, though we all have a part to play in reducing our plastic consumption, the big responsibility lies with retailers and manufacturers, they hold the key to transforming the recycling process.

What if we could connect the dots between brands, retailers and consumers? Leveraging existing supply chains to get the plastic back to the people who can actually reuse it?

It’s going to take time, people power and an open-minded approach from brands to create a new way of working, but we have the opportunity to start a change.

Back the campaign here: https://ignite.3sidedcube.com/

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