Grant Application Support Programme


SiSo is looking to support companies applying for grant funding from Innovate UK and/or other funding sources. It is offering to provide the expertise it has in this area to help companies improve their chances of successfully gaining approval for funding.


The Programme

SiSo will provide 12 hours of consultancy support spread over six steps. These steps will not necessarily be completed in individual sessions, as presented here, but might be adjusted to suit the pace and structure of the development team and fit around the needs of the company.


Step 1:

1 hour: Consultation to discuss the proposition, This will:

  • Consider standing of the proposal against the objectives of the funding competition, to include:

o   Discuss the overall parameters of the funding competition

o   Discuss the overall objectives of the project

o   Overview of the technology

o   Overview of Business Model

o   Robustness of the team

o   Financing and cashflow



  • Identify the merits of the proposition within the context of the competition
  • Identify areas of weakness and strength
  • To agree if the proposal should move ahead to the next stages


Step 2:

Up to 4 hours: Session to identify core elements of the project which must be met to develop a well-rounded proposal. This will consider:

  • The Value Proposition
  • A stakeholder map – leading to a definition of the Addressable and Obtainable markets
  • Size and scale of the markets
  • Potential business models
  • The technical solution.

o   Areas of innovation

o   Existing Competition and state of the art

o   Evolution of state of the art

o   Research categories

o   Resource needs, potential gaps and possible partners

o   Milestones

o   Time plan

o   Value of additional information

  • The budget

o   Costs levels for each milestone

o   Costs of resources and justifications

  • Risks
  • Additionality – justifying the need for grant funding



This process will determine areas of strength and weakness in the proposal so far. It will help to define areas where further work and/or research needs to be undertaken. At the end of the session participants will have a structure on which to write a first draft of the proposal.


We will determine a timeframe over which the draft can be written and apportion responsibilities. The project lead at the company will then begin the task of writing the bid, coordinating the necessary input form colleagues and partners, to get it to the first draft stage.


The SiSo consultant will be available to answer queries, over the phone, during the drafting phase and provide guidance to the project lead in helping them complete the first draft


Step 3

Review first draft

Up to 2 hours: SiSo consultant to read the first draft and compile a set of notes detailing areas of weakness in the proposal so far


Step 4

2 hours: Session to review the weaknesses in the proposal to date and identify how strengths can be added to the proposal. This session will reflect on the proposal from the context of the competition.

  • It will help ensure the proposal delivers the information expected in each section
  • It will highlight areas where the position is weak
  • It will determine what work needs to be done in order to strengthen the bid


The session will compete with detailing a list of strategies which need to be completed to strengthen the proposal. The project lead will be responsible for delivering those tasks and incorporating the new insights into the proposal


Step 5

The project lead delivers draft 2 of the proposal to SiSo


Up to 2 hours: SiSo consultant to read the second draft. The consultant will compile a second set of notes detailing areas that might still benefit from enhancement. Alternatively, if feasible, the consultant will make edits directly to the document and provide specific alterations which can enhance the strength of the bid.


Step 6

1 hour: Final session to review all the work completed to date, consider any outstanding notes and answer any remaining questions.

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